Safety First: Essential Protective Gear Every Welder Needs

Safety First: Essential Protective Gear Every Welder Needs

Welding can be a dangerous job if you are not careful. Every welder must equip themselves with protective safety gear to prevent accidental injuries during the welding process. Failure to use protective equipment could result in minor to severe injuries. Sometimes, it could even result in death.

Using essential protective gear is easy. So, why not do it? Here are the top three critical safety protective items to equip while welding.


1) Welding Gloves

Welding requires the constant use of your hands. That is why it is imperative to wear heat-resistant welding gloves to shield your hands as you weld metal together.

Choose welding gloves for specific welding techniques, such as MIG or TIG welding. For instance, you will want to purchase MIG gloves if you use the MIG welding technique.


2) Welding Suit

A welding suit shields your torso from the common sparks and intense heat generated during welding. It is made from highly durable material resistant to fire, abrasions, and water.

Always wear a welding suit when you weld metal.


3) Welding Helmet

A welding helmet protects your head and eyes from sparks and heat. Out of all the protective gear, the helmet is the most important because your face and eyes are most susceptible to injury from sparks and heat.

If you do not wear a helmet, you could easily injure your face and potentially blind yourself. So, it is essential to wear a welding helmet whenever you weld metal.


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