Metal Fabricators and Manufacturers Take a Lean Approach to Weather Economic Storms

Metal Fabricators and Manufacturers Take a Lean Approach to Weather Economic Storms

Metal fabricators and manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom are taking a lean approach to sustain their productivity to prepare for potential economic storms. This lean approach means creating a viable plan to prepare for another economic crisis, such as a pandemic or recession.

The first step is to conduct an assessment of their organizational and operational structures to identify areas of wasteful spending. This waste could come in several forms, such as unproductive workers, overproduction, inventory shortage, defective equipment, insufficient equipment, etc.

Eliminating Waste and Becoming More Resourceful

All the activities and operations in a metal manufacturing facility must give value to the end customer. So if any existing insufficient activities increase the cost for the customers, those activities must be eliminated or replaced immediately.

Let’s explore the most common examples of wasteful actions from metal fabricators and manufacturers:


The metal manufacturing process should only meet the customer’s structural specifications and nothing else. Unfortunately, metal fabricators tend to overprocess and overproduce to give more to the customer. But that only leads to additional production costs with no guarantee that it will create more customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the solution is only to process what is needed based on the customer’s requirements. Then the customer can receive their metal structure faster and still feel satisfied with the result.

Inventory Issues

Metal fabricators and manufacturers need a stocked inventory of only the raw materials required to satisfy their customers. Unfortunately, some metal fabricators have too many unnecessary raw materials and not enough required raw materials.

Material resource planning is the key to solving this problem. Metal fabricators must work with their quality control team to learn the current inventory levels. And if the inventory is short on any required materials for an upcoming project, the team can order more before the fabricators begin their work.

The idea is to reduce material shortages without purchasing too many unneeded materials. That is why the quality control team must remain in constant contact with the metal fabricators, so they can quickly buy the materials as they are needed. This reduces wasteful spending and prevents production delays due to unavailable materials.

Do You Need a Fast and Efficient Metal Fabricator?

T Brown and Sons has taken the necessary steps to weather economic storms by adapting to an evolving manufacturing environment and quickly meeting the needs of our customers.

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