5 Essential Tools Every Welder Needs in Their Toolkit

5 Essential Tools Every Welder Needs in Their Toolkit

Amateur and professional welders need the right tools in their toolkits to ensure they do their welding jobs correctly. After all, welding is a dangerous task if you don’t have the proper knowledge and tools. Assuming you have the skill to be a welder, you must choose the best tools to do your work safely and professionally.

Below are the top five essential tools every welder needs in their toolkit.


1) Welding Helmet

Welding causes sparks and intense heat to emit outward toward your face and body. That is why a welding helmet is essential to keep in your toolkit because you’ll need to wear it each time you weld something to protect your face. And thanks to its auto-darkening feature, the helmet also prevents bright lights from damaging your eyes.


2) Welding Machine

The welding machine is the device used to produce the heat needed to fuse two metal pieces as one. Most hardware stores and major retail storefronts sell portable Stick, MIG, and TIG welding machines. However, the MIG machine is the easiest to operate if you’re a beginner. 


3) Welding Suit

The welding suit protects your body from the heat and sparks of welding. It is usually a pair of overalls made of material resistant to abrasions, water, and fire. Keep a suit in your toolkit as another piece of safety gear.


4) Welding Gloves

You must wear special welding gloves to protect your hands whenever you weld something. Make sure you choose gloves designed for the type of welding you’re doing, such as TIG or MIG welding gloves.


5) Welding Pliers

Welding pliers allow you to handle hot metals without using your hands. Even with gloves on your hands, the metals would be too hot to grab with your fingers. That is why you need welding pliers to hold or grab hot metal.



There are other essential welding tools, but these are the top five you must start with in your toolkit.



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