Custom Metal Fabrication: Turning Ideas into Reality

Custom Metal Fabrication: Turning Ideas into Reality

Custom metal fabrication is a process of turning design ideas and plans into physical metal structures and objects. Planning a bespoke metal fabrication allows you to create a unique metal structure with a specific size, shape, and appearance.


Here is a review of the process of turning custom metal fabrication ideas into a reality.

1) Planning and Designing

Take the metal fabrication ideas in your head and sketch them on paper or in a digital CAD program on the computer. We recommend creating digital designs because they are easier to modify and submit to clients and various team members for feedback.

Planning and designing lets you fine-tune the measurements, angles, and aesthetics desired for the physical structure. As a result, it increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for your custom metal fabrication project.


2) Choose the Proper Metals and Tools

Now you must prepare to fabricate the physical metals to create the desired structure. So, you must gather the proper metals and equipment to perform the metal fabrication based on the location of your work environment, the requirements for the structure, and the skill level of the welder or fabricator.

For instance, aluminium is a lightweight metal more suitable for indoor work environments and fabricators with limited experience. However, if your structure has a more complex design, you may need to fabricate heavier metals outdoors.

As for the tools and machinery, you may need laser welding machines, CNC machines, welding guns, and other items. It all depends on your method of welding.


3) Manufacturing

Now you will begin the custom metal fabrication process of manufacturing the metal structure using the metals and tools gathered previously. Use the design blueprints as an outline as you fabricate the metals and manufacture the metal structure as needed.

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