Modern Welding: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry

Modern Welding: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry

Modern welding is unlike traditional welding because of the revolutionary new technology invented over the last two decades. Today’s welding technology has enhanced industry standards and allowed welders to increase their welding work’s accuracy, reliability, and speed.

Below are the top three modern welding technologies that have revolutionized the industry.

1) Robotic Technology

Robotics seems to have revolutionized several industries, including the welding industry. Now, welders can use robotic welding technology for enhanced precision, efficiency, and speed on the job.

The robotics automate much of the welding process, thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence. Modern robotic welding can perform all the repetitive welding tasks that human welders do not have the energy, will, or stamina to perform.


2) Laser Technology

Laser technology has now been integrated into sophisticated welding devices only found in laboratories. Welders in these laboratory settings use laser welding technology to emit a powerful laser to melt and bond metal pieces together.

Laser welding is more suitable for working with thinner metal pieces than thicker ones. It is also sufficient for welding complex metal applications like aerospace technology and medical equipment.


3) Digital Software

Modern welders like to use design software programs to create digital prototypes of metal structures they wish to weld. The digital prototypes allow welders to plan every inch of the design to increase accuracy and reduce mistakes on the physical welding job.


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