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T Brown & Sons Ltd is the only local welding company that has been run by four generations of family members in Walthamstow. We have dedicated ourselves to serving local clients and accomplishing their welding needs for over 60 years. Our clients have included film studios, TV studios, main contractors, luxury residential developers, and landscaping contractors.

Any individual or company in need of a professional welder can trust the professionalism and dedication of the welders from T Brown & Sons Ltd. We know what we’re doing every step of the way because of our extensive experience and education. In fact, our welders receive continuous education on the latest welding technologies and methods to ensure a positive outcome for our clients.

What kind of metal structure do you need to get welded? We can perform welding on the following types of structures: 

  •   Railings
  •   Gates
  •   Platforms
  •   Balustrades
  •   Pergolas
  •   Staircases
  •   Corten Steel
  •   Ladders
  •   Balconies

T Brown & Sons Ltd believes in maintaining complete transparency on the entire project. Not only will we collaborate with you every step of the way, but we will also update you on our progress. That way, you can feel like a genuine and valuable part of the welding project. We strive to maintain 100% client satisfaction on each welding project from start to finish. 

Would you like a free consultation with our elite welding team in Walthamstow? If so, you can set up your appointment with us by calling our office at 07825 925257. We can handle all-size welding projects, including architectural, commercial, and residential. 

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